Speed Dating For Swingers

Speed dating is a fun way to quickly sort through people you’re interested in, and people you’re not, in a face-to-face rapid-fire setting.

What I’d love to see is a swinger club put together a speed dating event for swingers. Both couples and singles in the lifestyle, looking for a fun and possibly exciting night, would be able to sign up.

Set up a bunch of tables, at least half the number of tables as the number of swingers present.

Get a hat and put a chit into it for the number of tables you have. Pass around the hat and let people find out what table they’re going to start at. Then let the half without a table pick a chit to see who their first conversation will be with.

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and when it goes off, the table host stays seated and the table visitor moves on.

If a participant in the speed dating finds someone that they chatted with was interesting, they’d be able to let the host know, who’d be able to arrange a conversation later on.

Throw in some music at a decently low volume that doesn’t prevent conversation, some door prizes and a few snacks – and I think that’d be a damn fun time.