Moving Away From Paypal

Thanks to the financial support of our current users, we have made it past the final hurdles required for to set up a merchant account processing credit cards.

This change enables us to stop using Paypal and set up discounted extended-subscription rates, which we will announce shortly.

Again, thank you for supporting and helping your local swinger community. We couldn’t do it without you.

Gradually Moving To The Cloud

Our happy, productive genius tech guy is busily hammering out the code required to move to Google Cloud for hosting purposes.

Since the base code is completely custom, it’s taken quite a bit of doing on his part, and we are very proud of the results.

Why should the users care about us moving to online hosting?

Well, for one it will be faster. Your location won’t matter as much when it comes to how fast the site responds.

It will be just as, if not even more, secure.

And most interestingly for our users, it’s significantly cheaper for us to run so we can pass the savings on to you – and that’s what we’ve been really pushing for since the site started.

To every person who signed up and supported us while we were starting out – we are hugely thankful to you and your believing in us and this project. Your support has allowed us to invest further into (over $10,000 so far) and really get set to expand our audience and userbase.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart.