How XxPlorXx Secures Your Data

XxPlorXx Together, Securely

As long-time participants in the Lifestyle, we have been on a number of different Lifestyle sites.

We, like you, have been frustrated by the ads, the fake accounts, the bots, the sign-up scams and the pic collectors.

But the biggest problem – at least to us – has been the revelation of the complete lack of technological security on at least one of the other Lifestyle sites.  

When someone can, with a few simple lines of code, read your private messages and e-mails to other couples on a popular Lifestyle site – that’s a huge issue.

So security became one of the focal points for the development of XxplorXx.  

We asked ourselves, “How can we make this experience as fun and easy to use as we possibly can, while ensuring a secure environment for everyone who uses it?”

Our sense of security and respect for confidentiality in the Lifestyle has always been important to us, as it is for you.  We strongly feel that your confidential information should remain just that – confidential.

To accomplish this goal, our security team has integrated bank-like security into XxPlorXx.

Some of the features we have integrated are:

  • 2048 Bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security – From the time you log into XxPlorXx until the time you log out, all your data is encrypted with 2048 bit encryption. Most other websites only use 1024 bit encryption.  Experts claim that 2048 bit encryption keys are 2^32 times harder to break than 1024 bit encryption keys. That means our keys are about 4.3 billion times harder to break.
  • Double Encrypted Passwords – Much like chocolate-dipped strawberries, security is best when it’s done twice. We encrypt your password, then encrypt it again.  Most other websites stop with just one layer of encryption.
  • Secure Password Reset – Because your password is encrypted, even from us, we are unable to retrieve it if you forget it.  If you lose your password, our site will completely reset your password and send you a new, random, secure password.  Once you receive that, you can log in and change it. This prevents all sorts of common password hacks, because if you can simply retrieve your password, that means other people can too.  
  • Secure Email notifications – Every time you log into XxPlorXx, our site, by default, notifies you that your account has been accessed.  This is an option that you can opt-out of in your account settings., and most websites do not offer this feature.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication by E-mail or Text – Another security option for your account.  If enabled, this option forces anyone that logs into your account to verify your identity a second time with a 6 digit PIN that is either E-mailed to you or texted to your phone.  
  • 15 Minute Inactive Timeout – Sometimes distractions prevent you from actually logging out of a website that you might not want others who might inadvertently pick up your phone to see.  We’ve taken this into consideration, because it’s happened to us. So, if your device goes inactive for 15 minutes, you will be logged out of XxPlorXx automatically.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Multiple Device Control – When Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled on your account, our system will automatically and immediately log your account out of any and all devices that are currently accessing your account.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Physical Server Access – The server that runs XxPlorXx requires text or email authorization from our developers to log into it, which prevents hackers or otherwise unauthorized users from accessing your data.
  • IP Restriction Over VPN – Even with the Multi-Factor Authentication Physical Server Access we have implemented, we go further.  Only people physically located in certain locations may even try to log into the server back end.
  • Secure Cisco ASA Router – This particular piece of equipment prevents any unauthorized access to the server other than through the SSL communication we allow.  No other Lifestyle site utilizes this level of security.
  • (Not Implemented Yet But Coming Soon) Secure Extended Validation SSL Certificate – Far beyond anything offered by any Lifestyle site, EV SSL is a new type of digital authentication intended to give users complete confidence in the website they’re interacting with.

Your security is important to us.  

As you can see, the XxPlorXx security programming team has gone above and beyond what other sites even dream of offering, and we will continue to implement the latest security features for your peace of mind.  We do this so you can enjoy the lifestyle, XxPlorXxing together, without worrying about your data.