XXplorXX.com Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t there a free trial?

We thought long and hard about this and came to the conclusion that a free trial is just a marketing gimmick.  We’re not going to lure you in with a free trial and make it hard for you to cancel your subscription if you decide it’s not for you.  Avoiding a free trial has the added benefit of ensuring that all the other members you encounter are equally serious and genuine about meeting with and engaging with the community.  No free trials mean no bots, no fake accounts, no picture scrapers, and that’s more security for the real swingers we intend to cater to.

Referral links

How can I refer someone to the site?

Once you create an account, you will see your referral information at the top of “My Feed.”

Set your referral link to something short and memorable.

Give your referral link to prospective users in any way you can think of!

How do referral links work?

When someone comes to XXplorXX.com by using your custom referral link, a cookie is placed on their computer or device.  This cookie tracks who refers the new user, ensuring credit where credit is due.

When do I get paid referral commissions?

The first business day after the 9th of the month.

How do I get paid?

You can be paid via Paypal or provide bank account information for an ACH deposit. We prefer ACH deposits for reliability.

Can I change my referral link?

To ensure that everyone gets credit for their referrals, currently this is not an option. Be sure to set your custom link to something that’s memorable and easy to use.

If someone I refer cancels their subscription, do I still get paid each month for referring them?

You get paid for every referral you send to the site that has an active subscription. If a referral you sent cancels their subscription, you do not get paid for the month they cancel.

If someone I refer cancels their subscription and later re-subscribes, do I get paid?

Yes!  Our system tracks who you refer, and if they cancel and resubscribe later, you will again be paid monthly for that referral!

Security Features

How does XXplorXX.com secure my data?

Read all about our security features here.

Will XXplorXX sell my data to anyone?

Not a chance. We hate that sites that do that.  We will give you links within our site for special promotional offers for our members, but it’s up to you to click those.

How do you pronounce XXplorXX anyway?

Explore. The last two X’s are silent, because they know better.

Site Features

How does the map work? I can’t update my location from my desktop.

On any device that our system reads as having a GPS chip, the site will ask you if you’d like to update your location. If you update your location, other users can see where you are, whether they’re on mobile devices or on their desktop.

Can I set it so others can’t see me on the map?

Yes, you can change that option in your settings.

What are matched hookups?

Matched hookups are accounts who have reciprocated an interest in you, after you have used this link when you view their profile:

What are unmatched hookups?

Those are accounts you have indicated interest in, who have not yet reciprocated by clicking that link on your profile.

How do I match with someone?

The system will automatically match you, as soon as the person that you selected Hook-Up with selects Hook-Up on your profile.

How do I block or unblock someone?

To block someone from viewing your profile, simply click this link to toggle the block:

To unblock an account you have blocked, simply click this link to toggle the unblock:

What are achievement badges?  What do they mean?

Achievement badges are a way to indicate to other users what you’ve done in the lifestyle and on XXplorXX.com.  

There are two flavors of achievement badges – manual and automatic.  

Manual achievements are achievement badges that you can self-report – IE: you can toggle them on or off in your account settings.

Automatic achievements are achievement badges that XXplorXX.com automatically grants you once you’ve hit that target.  For example, if you’ve uploaded a certain number of videos or pictures.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription or recurring payment, log into your PayPal account at www.paypal.com.

(1) Click the Settings icon next to ‘Log out.’

(2) Select Preapproved Payments under ‘Payment settings.’

(3) Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel…

(4) …and click the Cancel Subscription button.

Cancelling your Subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this Subscription.

Note that when you cancel your subscription you will still be able to log in until the subscription period has expired.

How do I contact administration for support, or report abusive behavior?

Support for XXplorXX.com can be contacted by emailing support@xxplorxx.com or by visiting https://helpdesk.xxplorxx.com/ or by chatting with a user with Admin in their name.